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Everyone knows its xDerion, that's me! xDerion xDerion 0 344
Searching.... MasterMiagi Scyla 3 1667
Problem beim Patchen HomerJey HomerJey 0 328
Strategic Summoners Recruiting Fereth The Monopoly Guy 3 537
Association FDL Game ! [FR] FDL Kelevan MyWarfare 4 587
<Pure> rekrutiert! Coldbourne Coldbourne 0 514
Youknow suche deutschen top clan YouKnow toSch 2 544
Looking for a good clan xD ReVeNgE xD xD ReVeNgE xD 0 370
Allstars recruitin! Athen Uuk Athen Uuk 1 794
Looking for like 100 friends Toothpick Strike Toothpick Strike 0 443
{UK} - Search small team for 3v3 / 5v5 P0XT0PS P0XT0PS 4 577
searching for clan King of Faith Scyla 1 351
Odffr Alex70 Alex70 1 341
i36 - Infected [Deutsch] blaZer10 akKubohrer 3 642
GlÜCkS JunKYs cracksoldier666 cracksoldier666 0 349
Searching for clan Nanobug Archnezumi 2 552
private.i-Frags suchen .... AntepSytler AntepSytler 1 415
Recrutement clos GL Obelix GL Obelix 0 405