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Sticky Thread How to: report a bug Boompje Boompje 0
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Loading screen and cmd-tab Adrenalotr Adrenalotr 0 4229
BUG The mouse is going way too fast Alinutor Adrenalotr 7
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Resolution issue BroDudeGuy BroDudeGuy 0 3819
Fuzzy square over map and abilities box InfernoDrogamir Adrenalotr 1 4209
minor- Pixel garbage in spectator mode bzbgamer bzbgamer 0 3754
Some1 stole my account xXXReginaldXXx DUSANCAR99 1 5170
Strange characters in chat ! puma2133 Catre 1 4887
Crash, stuck on "game still in progress" screen Adrenalotr Adrenalotr 0 5937
[client][major] After i hit play button -> no login screen aphotechre aphotechre 1 5615
Regarding access to the PBE Dekez justblaze21 3 6143
Bład łaczenia z serwerem;/ SoulOfEnergy SoulOfEnergy 0 4980
mail from support Noob Punisher 13 Noob Punisher 13 0 4925
Missing RP and IP :( Mad pesS Mad pesS 7 6025
Black Square Khaalar Khaalar 8
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[Game][Major] Big FPS drops caused by background dock animations JJUR Udyr 1
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I Love it JanhTeigen JanhTeigen 0 5079
LoL Launcher Does not launch Raz0r Legacy Raz0r Legacy 4 10182
Steal acount Greek Language KoNiMiTSu Raz0r Legacy 4 5175
I cant start my LoL Kumanovce Raz0r Legacy 1 5405
iLoL now compatible with Riot's PBE game client! Boompje Boompje 0 5645
[Game][major] High Ping , unstable fps , blur graphics aphotechre Udyr 1
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