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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Fan Creations Forums! Riot Romulus Riot Romulus 0
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Once upon a time... Snaggbash Snaggbash 3 488
HSD-Solo lane Exorcist LT Exorcist LT 0 304
Morgana - The Fallen Angel JKPopListenerS GtriX 4 757
Champion Poem 3 - Amumu the Sad Mummy Agatzi Arthos kos 1 431
Fortune is awaiting those who dare! DenOrangeUrt GtriX 4 415
Fiddlesticks, an extra-planar fear. Lord Rabadon Sanitri 2 772
Irelia Za Symphony Khazaad 2 490
Champion Poem 2 - Alistar the Minotaur Agatzi Khazaad 3 500
My OC in lol Tsuna xD Tsuna xD 7 1179
Polish History PolishOtaku PolishOtaku 0 301
Twas the night before Snowdown... FeralPony GODofGODofGODS 4
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Post Haiku's here  ( 1 2 3 ) Br0shaan Arthids 24 1168
Because I like pirates Hawba Hawba 4 467
League of Legends poem? JesterJacks HalfMoonHunter 7 2090
LoL - Reprecussions of Evil Small Bombs Khazaad 1 358
Champion Poem 1 - Akali the Fist of Shadow Agatzi Agatzi 3 659
My first morgana mid lose - A poem by a sad summoner Hetz Zucian JesterJacks 5 776
Into the Fields We March Kapuchu1 Kapuchu1 2 570