Hey Summoners,

In 4.7 we included a change to Pantheon's Grand Skyfall that affected its power, but didn't document it in the official patch notes. Sorry about that!

We'll be including the changes in the 4.8 patch notes, but felt it was important to also get the information out as soon as possible. Here's what the patch note will look like:


R - Grand Skyfall

BUGFIXPantheon can no longer cast spells until he's finished landing
BUGFIXGrand Skyfall's animation and damage now better match each other. The timing is unchanged from when the enemy indicator appears to when damage occurs, but Pantheon now visually lands 0.5 seconds later.

In short, we were looking at Pantheon's Grand Skyfall animation and realized it was inconsistent from a visual standpoint (ie: almost getting out of the circle as Pantheon lands, only to have him land while also stunning you in the same frame). We'll be keeping an eye out if this makes Pantheon feel less smooth to play than on live (not from a power perspective but from a feel perspective!).

Sorry for not documenting the change - it slipped past us.